Directed By:
Fred Olen Ray

Rated R
Genre: Horror
Format Used: Netflix DVD
Contains: Graphic Language, Graphic Violence, Nudity, Sexual Content, boring story, bigotry and bad ending.


ZEDD here bringing you a movie almost as bad as MANOS THE HAND OF FATE in fate in the same lines as Manos. SCALPS! A good chunk of the beginning of the movie was driving to the Archaeological dig site but the trip was called off because of legal matters and messing with Indian burial grounds. Now after they finally got there one is taken over by a spirit named Black Claw and starts killing the others.

Aside over thirty minutes of nothing happening is bad enough. What's with the lion guy? In the beginning of the film there was this guy with a cool lion head, but who was that and like where did he go?

Plus, it leads to a predictable bad ending which they gave away in the trailer. One of the guys shoots the possessed guy dead with a rifle, then DJ, is taken over. Kills him, then when the Professor finally gets there she kills him and just sits playing with the sticks.

I like Fred Olen Ray but I think he dropped the ball on this one, big time. If the movie was so weak they needed so much filler then they shouldn't have bothered. All that scenery could have been time they could have used on background on Black Claw and why he was so evil or came up with a real treasure, the whole messing with graves angers the dead is just major bull. Considering digs are happening all over the world and they aren't all killed by ghosts, so what makes Black Claw special?

So for all those reason I give this crap factory the RASPBERRY and Fred should forget ever being a part of it like I'm going to try to forget watching it.